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Infineon BTS7960B

High Current PN Half Bridge NovalithIC 43 A, 7 mз + 9 mз

Ovaga Certification

Brands: Infineon Technologies Corporation

Mfr.Part #: BTS7960B

Datasheet: BTS7960B Datasheet (PDF)

Package/Case: TO-263

Product Type: Power Management ICs

RoHS Status:

Stock Condition: 2347 pcs, New Original

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BTS7960B General Description

The BTS7960B stands as a fully integrated high-current half-bridge module meticulously crafted for motor drive applications. A distinguished member of the innovative NovalithICTM family, it combines a p-channel high-side MOSFET and an n-channel low-side MOSFET, harmoniously orchestrated alongside an integrated driver IC within a singular, compact package. This ingenious amalgamation renders the need for a charge pump obsolete, culminating in a significant reduction of electromagnetic interference (EMI). 

BTS7960B Manufacturer

The BTS7960B motor driver module is manufactured by Infineon Technologies. Infineon is a semiconductor company known for producing a wide range of electronic components, including power management, microcontrollers, sensors, and motor control solutions like the BTS7960B.



Specification Value
Maximum Continuous Current 43 A (typical)
Input Voltage Range 5 V to 27 V
Path Resistance 16 mΩ @ 25°C (typical)
Quiescent Current 7 µA @ 25°C (typical)
PWM Frequency Up to 25 kHz
Overtemperature Protection Yes, with latch behavior
Overvoltage Lockout Yes
Undervoltage Shutdown Yes
Current Limitation Switched-mode current limitation
Status Flag Diagnosis Yes, with current sense capability
Logic-Level Inputs Yes
Adjustable Slew Rates Yes
Package Compact module
Typical Applications
Motor control, LED arrays, relay drivers, stepper motor control, servo motor control, automotive systems, industrial automation, DIY projects, robotics, etc.



  • Low Path Resistance: Exhibits a typical path resistance of just 16 mΩ at 25°C, ensuring efficient power delivery.
  • Minimal Quiescent Current: With a typical quiescent current of only 7 µA at 25°C, it minimizes power consumption when in standby mode.
  • PWM Capability: Supports pulse-width modulation (PWM) frequencies of up to 25 kHz, coupled with active freewheeling, for precise motor speed control.
  • Switched Mode Current Limitation: Utilizes switched-mode current limitation to reduce power dissipation during overcurrent conditions, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • High Current Limitation: Offers a robust current limitation level of 43 A (typical), enabling safe operation under high current loads.
  • Status Flag Diagnosis: Equipped with status flag diagnosis capabilities, including current sensing, for comprehensive fault detection and diagnostics.
  • Overtemperature Protection: Features overtemperature shutdown with latch behavior to prevent overheating and protect the module.
  • Overvoltage Lockout: Incorporates overvoltage lockout functionality to safeguard against excessive voltage levels.
  • Undervoltage Protection: Employs undervoltage shutdown to prevent operation under inadequate voltage conditions.
  • Driver Circuit: Includes a driver circuit with logic-level inputs, facilitating straightforward interfacing with microcontrollers and control systems.
  • Adjustable Slew Rates: Offers the flexibility to adjust slew rates, optimizing electromagnetic interference (EMI) for enhanced system performance.


  • High-Current Motors: The BTS7960B is well-suited for driving high-current DC motors, offering precise control and protection mechanisms. It is often used in robotics, industrial machinery, and automotive applications.
  • Stepper Motors: It can also be employed to drive stepper motors, allowing for precise step-by-step control in applications like CNC machines, 3D printers, and automation systems.
  • High-Current LED Arrays: The module's high current-handling capability makes it suitable for driving high-power LED arrays, particularly in lighting and illumination systems.
  • Relay Driver Module: The BTS7960B can serve as a relay driver module, and it supports latching relay operation, which is valuable in control systems and automation for switching high-current loads.
  • High-Power DC Motors: In applications where high-power and high-ampere DC motors are used, such as electric vehicles or heavy machinery, the BTS7960B can provide efficient motor control.
  • Servo Motors: It can be used for servo motor control, allowing for precise positioning and motion control in applications like robotics, camera gimbals, and industrial automation.
  • Digital Circuit Interfaces: The module's logic-level inputs make it compatible with digital control circuits, including microcontrollers and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).
  • Industrial Automation: The BTS7960B is commonly found in industrial automation setups, where it provides robust motor control for conveyor systems, actuators, and other machinery.
  • Automotive Systems: It can be integrated into automotive applications, including electric power steering, window and mirror control, and other motor-driven functions.
  • DIY Projects: Hobbyists and makers often use the BTS7960B in custom projects that involve motor control, lighting, or any application requiring high-current handling.

BTS7960B Alternatives

Alternative Manufacturer Definition Common Applications
L293D Texas Instruments Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver Robotics, Automotive, Industrial Control
DRV8833 Texas Instruments Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver Robotics, Home Automation, DIY Projects
MX1508 MXIC Dual Motor Driver Small Robots, Toys, Miniature Projects
TB6612FNG Toshiba Dual Motor Driver Small Robots, Toys, Camera Gimbals
L298 STMicroelectronics Dual Full-Bridge Motor Driver Robotics, Industrial Automation, Automotive


Parameter Value Parameter Value
feature-type Motor Driver feature-maximum-power-dissipation-mw
feature-packaging Tape and Reel feature-rad-hard
feature-pin-count 7 feature-supplier-package TO-263
feature-standard-package-name1 TO-263 feature-cecc-qualified No
feature-esd-protection feature-military No
feature-aec-qualified Yes feature-aec-qualified-number AEC-Q100
feature-auto-motive Yes feature-p-pap Unknown
feature-eccn-code EAR99 feature-svhc Yes
feature-svhc-exceeds-threshold Yes


Shipping Type Ship Fee Lead Time
DHL DHL $20.00-$40.00 (0.50 KG) 2-5 days
Fedex Fedex $20.00-$40.00 (0.50 KG) 2-5 days
UPS UPS $20.00-$40.00 (0.50 KG) 2-5 days
TNT TNT $20.00-$40.00 (0.50 KG) 2-5 days
EMS EMS $20.00-$40.00 (0.50 KG) 2-5 days
REGISTERED AIR MAIL REGISTERED AIR MAIL $20.00-$40.00 (0.50 KG) 2-5 days

Processing Time:Shipping fee depend on different zone and country.


Terms of payment Hand Fee
Wire Transfer Wire Transfer charge US$30.00 banking fee.
Paypal Paypal charge 4.0% service fee.
Credit Card Credit Card charge 3.5% service fee.
Western Union Western Union charge US$0.00 banking fee.
Money Gram Money Gram charge US$0.00 banking fee.


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Infineon Technologies Corporation



Infineon Technologies Corporation



Infineon Technologies Corporation



Infineon Technologies Corporation



Infineon Technologies Corporation



Infineon Technologies Corporation



Infineon Technologies Corporation



Infineon Technologies Corporation

BTS7960B Datasheet PDF

Preliminary Specification BTS7960B PDF Download


  • Where can I find the Datasheet PDF for BTS7960B?

    You can find the Datasheet for BTS7960B on this page. If it is not available, you can contact our sales team to inquire about the Datasheet for this part.

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  • What is the pinout for BTS7960B?

    Generally, our product pages include pin diagrams, pinouts, and pin details for the BTS7960B part. If you cannot find the information you need, you can contact Ovaga at [email protected], and our customer support team will get in touch with you as soon as possible to address your concerns.

  • What is the lifespan of BTS7960B?

    The lifespan of BTS7960B depends on various factors, including the quality of components, operating conditions, and usage. Please refer to the datasheet of BTS7960B for specific information.

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