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About Purchasing

Procurement Process

  • Login or Visitor identity

    Login or Visitor identity

    You can submit the Bill of Materials (BOM) for inquiry after registration or directly submit the BOM for inquiry as a visitor.

  • Add the BOM

    Add the BOM

    Add the products you need to the Bill of Materials.

  • Initiating Inquiry

    Initiating Inquiry

    Please fill in your personal information in the inquiry form.

  • Waiting for Feedback

    Waiting for Feedback

    We will contact you once we receive your inquiry information.

Dispatch and transport

Dispatch and transport

  • All orders will be shipped within business days via FedEx, UPS, or DHL, with parts guaranteed to be under the manufacturer's warranty.
  • Our staff will contact you to confirm the specific shipping cost due to various factors.
Payment method and handling fee

Payment Method and Handling Fee

  • Payment methods and local policies may vary in different regions. Please consult our staff for specific payment methods and fees. We are dedicated to providing you with the best service.
After-Sale Matters

After-Sale Matters

  • All parts sold come with a 365-day after-sales warranty service;
  • Applications for refunds must be initiated within 30 natural days from the date of delivery;
  • To improve the efficiency of the refund process, returned goods must first obtain return authorization through our online service center and maintain the condition and packaging of the goods at the time of delivery. We will make the final decision based on the actual situation of the goods;
  • For return authorization and instructions, please contact 00852-64870371. Note: We are not responsible for any goods sent back without authorization;
  • If you do not submit a return application or notify us of any problems (e.g., damage or wrong parts) within the specified time, you will be deemed to have accepted the goods.

About Information



Ovaga will fully protect your privacy information security, based on the Internet and ethical standards as a business, any information you provide to us or we request you to collect any information, will always be kept in the highest confidentiality; As described in our privacy policy, all information will be used strictly in accordance with the scope and standards of the privacy policy. Please read our privacy policy.

Data Security

Data Security

We will take effective measures to protect all sensitive data (such as inquiry submissions/account access information) generated during your use of the website. To do this, we use a secure server (known as Secure Sockets Layer or SSL), the industry standard for secure business transactions. We encrypt the information you enter until the server sends it to us. All your personal information (including credit card numbers, names, and addresses) is encrypted to prevent any third party from reading it. Additionally, we have added an extra layer of protection for usernames and passwords to ensure that when you access sensitive data, you need to enter your password and username as an extra precaution. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.