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Strict and Standardized Quality Inspection Process

We Are in the Business of Integrity

At Ovaga Technologies, our mission is to provide the highest level of service and quality control, using sophisticated testing equipment and internationally recognized procedures to ensure the safety of global supply chains.

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and independence in everything we do, and we work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and provide customized solutions that meet their specific requirements.

Our team of experts has extensive experience and expertise in the electronics industry, and we are committed to sharing this knowledge with our customers. We help industry members improve their knowledge and skills in areas such as counterfeit detection and performance detection.



  • Full Volume Data Matching

    Through digitalization, we accumulate over 100,000 gold sample data points of labels, screen printing, wafer structures, and other high-risk models to solve the problem of over-reliance on human experience in traditional quality control. This enables us to achieve double verification through data comparison and equipment inspection.

  • External Visual Inspection

    Appearance testing involves confirming the number of chips received, inner packaging, humidity indicator, desiccant requirements, and appropriate outer packaging. Additionally, we inspect the appearance of individual chips, including: chip typing, manufacturing year, country of origin, signs of recoating, pin condition, traces of regrinding, unidentified residues, and the location of the manufacturer's logo.

  • Pin Correlation Test

    According to the device pins and related instructions specified by the manufacturer in the specification, we use a semiconductor tube characteristic grapher to check for chip damage through open circuit and short circuit tests.

  • Ambient Temperature Test

    We simulate various types of extreme environments to assess their impact on component performance. This requires collaboration with external performance testing equipment to evaluate component performance and reliability under different extreme conditions.

  • Decapsulation

    Decapsulation involves using instruments to corrode the package on the chip's surface to check for the presence of a wafer inside, wafer size, manufacturer's logo, copyright year, and wafer code to determine the authenticity of the chip.

  • X-Ray Inspection

    X-ray testing is a real-time non-destructive analysis to inspect the internal hardware components of the component. It mainly checks the lead frame of the chip, wafer size, gold wire bonding diagram, ESD damage, and holes. Customers can provide good products for comparison testing.

  • Solderability Test

    In the assembly and soldering process of electronic products, soldering quality directly affects the quality of the whole machine. Therefore, in addition to strict control of process parameters, scientific solderability testing of printed circuit boards and electronic components is required.

  • IC Counterfeit Test

    Needless to say, these goods are products that have passed the original factory's QC certification and entered the market. Generally, the price may be slightly higher, but the quality is definitely up to standard.

Professional Testing Equipment

Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art testing instruments and equipment to ensure the highest level of anti-counterfeiting testing for components.

  • X-RAY


  • Ultrasound Scanner

    Ultrasound Scanner

  • Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

    Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

  • Digital HD Microscope

    Digital HD Microscope

  • Temperature Tester

    Temperature Tester

  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope

    Digital Storage Oscilloscope

  • MOS Tube Tester

    MOS Tube Tester

  • Field Effect Tube Sorting Tester

    Field Effect Tube Sorting Tester

Strict Testing Process

Our laboratory is constructed in a closed environment in accordance with relevant domestic and international industry standards. Furthermore, our testing procedures adhere to international standards to guarantee the professionalism and accuracy of test results.

  • testing1

  • testing2

  • testing3

  • testing4

  • testing5

In the ever-changing electronics industry, there is an increased requirement for electronic component testing services and component verification. Ovaga offers electronic component testing services to aid in counterfeit component detection.

Most parts we supply are tested for functionality. We strive to prevent any counterfeit or defective components from reaching our customers and entering the market.

  • Substandard and Counterfeit Detection

    Substandard and Counterfeit Detection

    Early detection and prevention of counterfeit products are essential for maintaining the quality of the entire supply chain. We develop customized risk mitigation plans and execute them in strict accordance with high-quality inspection standards, from screening third-party samples to creating a "known good parts" database.

  • Lifecycle and Reliability Testing

    Lifecycle and Reliability Testing

    Lifecycle testing involves analyzing a product's performance under normal conditions of use to make predictions about its longevity based on its characteristics. Reliability testing, on the other hand, exposes products to extreme conditions that far exceed normal operating requirements to simulate intensive use.

  • Electrical Testing

    Electrical Testing

    The tests we perform consist of six increasing levels, depending on the device being tested and the tests required by the customer. Our scope ranges from verifying performance, speed, durability, and reliability of components to detecting defects and faults.