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CR1220 Battery Equivalent & Cross Reference Chart

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The CR1220 lithium manganese dioxide battery is designated in accordance with IEC standards. Within this nomenclature, 'C-' denotes a chemical battery system featuring lithium metal as the negative electrode and manganese dioxide as the positive electrode. The 'R-' indicates that the battery has a cylindrical shape; if it were square, 'F' would replace this designation. The '12' signifies a diameter of 12.5mm, while '20' indicates a height of 2.0mm.

This battery boasts a nominal voltage of 3.0V, an endpoint voltage of 2.0V, and a rated capacity of 40mAh, though this capacity may vary among manufacturers. 

Commonly employed in CMOS batteries for digital products and other compact electronic devices, the CR1220 finds application in memory functions, power-off protection modules, electronic dictionaries, LED lighting, sound-producing toys, and various other products.


CR1220 Specifications

Chemical System: Lithium/Manganese Dioxide (Li/MnO2)

Negative Electrode: Lithium metal

Positive Electrode: Manganese Dioxide


Diameter: 12.5mm

Height: 2.0mm

Nominal Voltage: 3.0V

Endpoint Voltage: 2.0V

Rated Capacity: 40mAh

Note: The rated capacity may vary among different manufacturers.


CR1220 Battery Equivalent

The CR1220 is a coin cell battery with a diameter of 12mm and a thickness of 2.0mm. It is a lithium manganese dioxide button cell battery commonly used in various electronic devices such as watches, calculators, and small electronic gadgets.

If you are looking for an equivalent battery, you may consider other batteries with the same specifications. The first two letters "CR" indicate that it's a lithium battery, and the numbers "1220" represent the dimensions (12mm diameter, 2.0mm thickness).

Popular equivalents for the CR1220 battery include:


This is a lithium battery with the same specifications as the CR1220, which is 12mm in diameter and 2.0mm in thickness. DL1220 is usually used in small electronic devices such as watches, calculators, etc. It is the equivalent model of CR1220.

Energizer ECR1220:

Energizer is a well-known battery brand and the ECR1220 is the equivalent of its CR1220 model. This is a lithium battery suitable for use in a variety of small electronic devices.


BR1220 is also the equivalent model number of CR1220, meaning it is a lithium battery with the same diameter and thickness. It is typically used with CR1220 compatible devices.


The LM1220 is another equivalent model of the CR1220. Again, it is a lithium battery suitable for use in a variety of small electronic devices. When choosing a battery, consider the reputation of the brand and supplier.


The KCR1220 is another equivalent model of the CR1220 and is also a lithium battery. This battery can be used in many CR1220 compatible devices.


SB-T13 is an equivalent designation for the CR1220 battery. It's one of the alternative names used by different manufacturers to refer to the same type of coin cell battery. The CR1220, DL1220, BR1220, ECR1220, and SB-T13 are all different names for essentially the same 3V lithium coin cell with a diameter of 12mm and a thickness of 2.0mm.

When replacing a battery, it's essential to use one with the same voltage and similar dimensions to ensure proper functioning of the device. 


Discharge Current and Discharge Life


CR1220 Batteries Cross Reference Chart


CR1220 Applications

  • Keyless Entry Devices

The CR1220 is commonly used in keyless entry systems for cars or other access control systems. It provides a compact and reliable power source for the electronic components responsible for keyless entry functions.

  • Glucose Monitors

In glucose monitors or blood glucose testing devices, the CR1220 can be employed to power the electronic components, such as the display and memory, ensuring that the device remains operational and retains data even when not in use.

  • Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators

While it's worth noting that implantable medical devices often use specialized batteries, the CR1220 could potentially be used in certain aspects of telemetry or monitoring systems associated with implantable cardiac defibrillators.

  • Heart-Rate Monitors

CR1220 batteries are suitable for powering heart-rate monitors, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting power source for continuous monitoring of heart activity.

  • Artificial Cardiac Pacemakers

Similar to implantable defibrillators, artificial cardiac pacemakers generally use specialized batteries designed for medical implant applications. While the CR1220 might not be the primary choice for pacemakers, it could be used in auxiliary or monitoring systems associated with the device.

  • Toys & Games

The CR1220 is often used in small electronic toys and games. Its compact size and sufficient power capacity make it suitable for applications where space is limited, and a stable power supply is required for functions like lights, sounds, or memory storage in electronic toys and games.


CR1220 Manufacturer

While Panasonic is a well-known manufacturer of various electronic products, including batteries, it's important to note that CR1220 is a standardized coin cell battery designation, and multiple manufacturers produce batteries that adhere to this standard. Therefore, CR1220 batteries are not exclusive to Panasonic, and you can find equivalents from various other reputable battery manufacturers.

If you specifically need a CR1220 battery from Panasonic, you can look for batteries with prefixes such as ECR1220 or BR1220. These are variations of the CR1220 produced by Panasonic.


CR1216 vs CR1220 vs CR1225





Physical Dimensions (mm)

12.5 x 1.6

12.5 x 2.0

12.5 x 2.5

Capacity (Approx. mAh)




Drain Currents

Similar to CR1220

Somewhat Lower than CR1225

Somewhat Higher than CR1220


May Fit in CR1220 Slots

Standard Size

May Fit in CR1225 Slots

Device Considerations

Small devices with strict size constraints

General-purpose devices

Devices with slightly larger battery compartments


Additional Notes: 

  • Some battery compartments designed for CR1220 may accommodate CR1216 or CR1225, but caution is advised to avoid physical damage to the device.

  • The small difference in height between CR1220 and CR1225 (0.5mm) can be crucial for devices with tight tolerances, potentially causing malfunctions or damage.

  • The height difference between CR1220 and CR1216 (0.4mm) might lead to contact issues and unreliable operation in certain devices.

Can I replace ML1220 with CR1220?

The ML1220 and CR1220 batteries have different properties, and they are not interchangeable. The key differences are in their chemical composition and functionality.

ML1220: This is a rechargeable lithium-ion coin cell battery. It can be recharged, and it is commonly used in applications where rechargeability is desired.

CR1220: This is a non-rechargeable lithium manganese dioxide coin cell battery. It is designed for single use, and attempting to recharge it can lead to safety hazards such as leakage, overheating, or even explosion.


Is CR1220 rechargeable?

No, CR1220 batteries are typically non-rechargeable. The "CR" designation generally indicates that the battery is a lithium manganese dioxide coin cell and is not designed for recharging. Rechargeable lithium coin cells typically have a different designation, such as "ML" (for lithium manganese rechargeable) or "LIR" (lithium-ion rechargeable).


Can CR1220 replace CR1225?

While CR1220 and CR1225 batteries share a similar appearance and are both 3-volt coin cell batteries, they are not the same size. 

CR1220: Diameter of 12mm, thickness of 2.0mm.

CR1225: Diameter of 12mm, thickness of 2.5mm.

While there may be some cases where a CR1220 could physically fit into a space designed for a CR1225, it's generally not recommended to use a battery that is not the specified size for a device. The difference in thickness could affect the electrical contacts and potentially lead to poor contact, reduced performance, or even damage to the device.


What is CR1220 used for

The CR1220 lithium coin cell battery is indeed used in various electronic devices due to its compact size and 3V voltage. 

Watches: Many watches, especially smaller or slim designs, use CR1220 batteries to power their quartz movements.

Keyless Entry Devices: Car key fobs, remote controls, and other devices that use a compact power source may utilize CR1220 batteries.

Health and Medical Devices: Glucose monitors, heart-rate monitors, and other portable medical devices may use CR1220 batteries.

Toys and Games: Small electronic toys and games often rely on coin cell batteries, including CR1220, for power.

Calculators: Some compact calculators use CR1220 batteries as a power source.

Cameras: Certain small cameras, especially those in which size and weight are critical factors, may use CR1220 batteries.

What is the life expectancy of a CR1220 battery

The life expectancy of a CR1220 battery can vary based on factors such as usage patterns, the specific device it's powering, and environmental conditions. While it can last for nearly a year, it's important to note that the actual lifespan can be shorter or longer depending on the circumstances.

CR1220 batteries are commonly used in various electronic devices, including watches, calculators, key fobs, and more. The rate of discharge depends on how often the device is used and the power requirements of the device. Devices with higher power consumption may drain the battery more quickly.

Additionally, environmental factors such as temperature can affect the performance of lithium batteries. Extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can impact the overall lifespan of the battery.

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  • Is CR1220 the same as ML1220?

    While the CR1220 and ML1220 batteries may share the same size and voltage (both are 3V coin cell batteries with a diameter of 12mm and a thickness of 2.0mm), the key distinction is that the CR1220 is non-rechargeable, whereas the ML1220 is rechargeable.

  • What size is CR1220?

    12.5mm X 2.0mm

  • Is a CR1220 battery the same as a CR1216?

    Yes, you are correct. The CR1216, CR1220, and CR1225 batteries differ in size, and this impacts their capacity and performance. CR1216: This battery has a diameter of 12mm and a thickness of 1.6mm. CR1220: This battery has a diameter of 12mm and a thickness of 2.0mm. The primary difference lies in their thickness. The larger thickness of the CR1220 compared to the CR1216 allows for a higher capacity. As you mentioned, the CR1216 typically has the smallest capacity (25 mAh) among these sizes.

  • Is CR1220 the same as CR2032?

    CR1220 and CR2032 batteries are not the same size. While both are coin cell or button cell batteries and share a similar appearance, they have different diameters and thicknesses. CR1220 has a diameter of 12mm and a thickness of 2.0mm. CR2032 has a diameter of 20mm and a thickness of 3.2mm.

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