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ADI AD797 Op Amp

Low Noise and Low Distortion Operational Amplifier

Ovaga Certification

Brands: Analog Devices, Inc

Mfr.Part #: AD797 Op Amp

Datasheet: AD797 Op Amp Datasheet (PDF)


Product Type: Integrated Circuits (ICs)

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Stock Condition: 3987 pcs, New Original

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AD797 Op Amp General Description

The AD797 is a highly versatile operational amplifier with exceptional characteristics that make it an ideal choice for various critical applications. 

Microphone and Mixing Console Preamplifiers: The AD797's ultra-low noise of 0.9 nV/√Hz and low total harmonic distortion of -120 dB in audio bandwidths make it perfect for use as a preamplifier in professional audio equipment. It provides the wide dynamic range needed to capture and process high-quality audio signals, making it an excellent choice for microphones and mixing consoles. Musicians, sound engineers, and recording studios benefit from its ability to faithfully amplify weak audio signals without adding unwanted noise or distortion.

Low-Frequency Ultrasound Applications: The AD797's impressive slew rate of 20 V/μs and a gain bandwidth of 110 MHz make it well-suited for low-frequency ultrasound applications. In medical and industrial ultrasound systems, where sensitivity and precision are crucial, the AD797 can amplify the weak ultrasound signals effectively without introducing distortion or noise.

Infrared (IR) and Sonar Imaging: In applications like IR and sonar imaging, where a wide dynamic range is essential for accurate detection and imaging, the AD797's low distortion and excellent noise performance come into play. It helps maintain image quality and accuracy, especially when processing faint signals from distant sources.

Buffering for Σ-Δ ADCs and High-Resolution DACs: The AD797's low distortion and fast 16-bit settling time make it an excellent choice for buffering the inputs to Sigma-Delta (Σ-Δ) analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) or the outputs of high-resolution digital-to-analog converters (DACs). This is particularly important in precision applications, such as seismic detection, where maintaining the integrity of the signal during conversion is crucial. Spectrum analyzers also benefit from its performance when capturing and processing signals with minimal distortion.

General-Purpose Amplification: Beyond its specialized applications, the AD797's high output current drive of 50 mA and specified power supply voltage range of ±5 V to ±15 V make it a versatile and reliable general-purpose amplifier. Engineers and designers can use it in various electronic circuits where low noise, low distortion, and high precision are essential requirements.

AD797 Spice Model

AD797 Specification


Specification Value
Manufacturer Analog Devices
Part Number AD797
Type Operational Amplifier (Op-Amp)
Supply Voltage ±4.5 V to ±18 V
Input Offset Voltage (Vos) Max ±1.5 mV (25°C)
Input Bias Current (Ib) Max 1 nA (25°C)
Input Noise Voltage (e<sub>n</sub>) Typ 0.9 nV/√Hz (1 kHz)
Input Noise Current (i<sub>n</sub>) Typ 0.15 fA/√Hz (1 kHz)
Gain Bandwidth Product (GBW) Min 75 MHz (AV = 1, RL = 2 kΩ)
Slew Rate (SR) Min 20 V/µs (AV = 1, V<sub>OUT</sub> = ±10 V)
Common-Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) Min 86 dB (RL = 2 kΩ, V<sub>CM</sub> = ±5 V)
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C


AD797 Manufacturer

The AD797 is an operational amplifier (op-amp) manufactured by Analog Devices, Inc. Analog Devices is a well-known semiconductor company that specializes in designing, developing, and manufacturing a wide range of high-performance analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits (ICs). The AD797 is part of Analog Devices' portfolio of precision operational amplifiers and is known for its exceptional performance in various analog signal processing applications.

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) is a publicly traded entity renowned for its proficiency in crafting, conceiving, and fabricating top-tier analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits (ICs). This company, established in the year 1965, finds its central hub in Norwood, Massachusetts.

ADI's reach spans across a spectrum of industries, demonstrating its prowess in catering to aerospace and defense, automotive, communications, consumer electronics, industrial applications, medical equipment, and precision test and measurement instruments.


Low Noise: The AD797 is known for its low noise characteristics, making it suitable for applications where noise is a critical concern. It has a typical input voltage noise of 0.9 nV/√Hz and a maximum of 1.2 nV/√Hz at 1 kHz.

Low Distortion: It provides excellent performance in terms of distortion with a total harmonic distortion of -120 dB at 20 kHz, which is important in applications where signal fidelity is crucial.

Excellent AC Characteristics: The op-amp offers fast settling time of 800 ns to 16 bits for a 10 V step, an 110 MHz gain bandwidth for a gain of 1000, and an 8 MHz bandwidth for a gain of 10. It also has a 280 kHz full power bandwidth at 20 V peak-to-peak and a 20 V/μs slew rate, making it suitable for high-frequency applications.

Excellent DC Precision: With a maximum input offset voltage of 80 μV and a VOS drift of 1.0 μV/°C, the AD797 provides good DC precision, ensuring accurate amplification of DC signals.

Wide Supply Voltage Range: It is specified to operate with ±5 V and ±15 V power supplies, offering flexibility in various circuit designs.

High Output Drive Current: The AD797 can provide a high output drive current of 50 mA, making it suitable for applications where driving loads with high current requirements is necessary.

AD797 Related Parts


Part Number Manufacturer Definition Function
AD797ANZ Analog Devices Operational Amplifier
high performance and low noise
AD797AR Analog Devices Operational Amplifier
precision signal processing tasks
AD797AR-REEL7 Analog Devices Operational Amplifier
 automated assembly processes
AD797ARZ Analog Devices Operational Amplifier
In applications where signal accuracy is critical
AD797ARZ-REEL Analog Devices Operational Amplifier
high-precision signal amplification and conditioning
AD797ARZ-REEL7 Analog Devices Operational Amplifier
automated assembly processes
AD797BRZ Analog Devices Operational Amplifier
 Amplifying analog signals with low distortion and noise
AD797BRZ-REEL Analog Devices Operational Amplifier
Precision signal amplification
AD797BRZ-REEL7 Analog Devices Operational Amplifier
Automated assembly processes and applications


Professional Audio Preamplifiers: Due to its low noise and distortion characteristics, the AD797 can be used in high-quality audio preamplifiers for studio equipment, microphones, and musical instruments.

IR, CCD, and Sonar Imaging Systems: In imaging systems, especially those using sensitive detectors like infrared (IR) or charge-coupled devices (CCD), low noise amplification is essential for maintaining image quality.

Spectrum Analyzers: The op-amp's wide bandwidth and low distortion make it suitable for use in spectrum analyzers, which require accurate and high-frequency signal processing.

Ultrasound Preamplifiers: In medical and industrial ultrasound systems, the AD797 can be used for amplifying weak ultrasound signals with minimal noise and distortion.

Seismic Detectors: Seismic detectors and geophysical instruments often require low-noise amplification to accurately detect and analyze seismic activity.

Σ-Δ ADC/DAC Buffers: The op-amp can serve as a buffer amplifier in Sigma-Delta (Σ-Δ) analog-to-digital converters (ADC) and digital-to-analog converters (DAC) to improve signal integrity and linearity.

AD797 Absolute Maximum Ratings


Parameter Rating
Storage Temperature Range (N, R Suffix) −65°C to +125°C
Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C
Supply Voltage ±18 V
Input Voltage (±VS) ±VS (Absolute maximum voltage range)
Differential Input Voltage (1) ±0.7 V
Output Short-Circuit Duration Indefinite within maximum internal
  power dissipation
Lead Temperature (Soldering, 60 sec) 300°C

AD797 Equivalent Parts


Dual Operational Amplifier: The ADA4898-2 is a dual op-amp, which means it contains two separate op-amp circuits within a single IC package.
High Speed and Precision: It is designed for high-speed and precision applications, making it suitable for use in instrumentation, communications, and signal processing.
Low Distortion: The ADA4898-2 offers low distortion and a wide bandwidth, making it suitable for applications requiring accurate signal amplification.


Single Operational Amplifier: The ADA4898-1 is a single-channel version of the ADA4898 series.
High Speed and Precision: Like the ADA4898-2, it is designed for high-speed and precision applications where low noise and low distortion are essential.
Single-Channel Flexibility: This op-amp is ideal for applications that require a single high-performance amplifier.


Low Noise and Precision: The AD8597 is known for its low noise characteristics and high precision. It's often used in applications where signal fidelity and accuracy are crucial, such as instrumentation and data acquisition systems.
Low Input Bias Current: It has a low input bias current, which is important in applications where the input impedance of the circuit should not be significantly affected.
Low Power Consumption: The AD8597 operates with relatively low power consumption, which is beneficial in battery-powered or low-power devices.


Ultra-Low Noise: The ADA4627-1 is designed to provide ultra-low noise performance, making it suitable for applications where noise must be minimized.
Precision and Low Distortion: It offers high precision and low distortion, which are critical in applications like audio amplification, instrumentation, and sensor signal conditioning.
Low Offset Voltage: This op-amp has a low input offset voltage, ensuring accurate DC signal processing.

AD797 vs OPA627

What is the slew rate of AD797

The AD797, manufactured by Analog Devices, has a slew rate of 20 V/μs, as mentioned. The slew rate is a measure of how fast an operational amplifier can respond to rapid changes in the input signal. In the case of the AD797, this fast slew rate of 20 V/μs makes it well-suited for applications where high-speed signal processing and amplification are required, such as in low-frequency ultrasound applications.

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AD797 Op Amp FAQ

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  • What is the lifespan of AD797 Op Amp?

    The lifespan of AD797 Op Amp depends on various factors, including the quality of components, operating conditions, and usage. Please refer to the datasheet of AD797 Op Amp for specific information.

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