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Infineon BTS432E2

FET PROFET® 63V 11A 125W 0,038R Highside Power Switch

Ovaga Certification

Brands: Infineon Technologies Corporation

Mfr.Part #: BTS432E2

Datasheet: BTS432E2 Datasheet (PDF)

Package/Case: TO-263-5

Product Type: Switch ICs

RoHS Status:

Stock Condition: 3233 pcs, New Original

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BTS432E2 General Description

The BTS432E2 is a high-side power switch designed and manufactured by Infineon Technologies. It's used to control various electrical loads, such as motors, lights, and other high-current devices, in automotive and industrial applications. 

The BTS432E2 is a high-side power switch, which means it's placed between the positive supply voltage (typically the battery voltage in automotive applications) and the load. This configuration allows it to control the supply voltage to the load.

BTS432E2 Manufacturer

The BTS432E2 is manufactured by Infineon Technologies, Germany. Infineon is a leading semiconductor manufacturer specializing in the production of high-performance electronic components for various applications, including power semiconductors, sensors, microcontrollers and more. BTS432E2 is a low-side power switch in their product line, mainly used in high current load applications such as motor control, lighting control, etc. If you want to obtain more detailed information about BTS432E2, it is best to refer to Infineon's official website or its product data sheet.

BTS432E2 Specification

Infineon Technologies' BTS432E2 is a high-performance low-side power switch typically used in applications controlling motors, lights, and other high-current loads. The following is the general specification introduction of BTS432E2:

Operating voltage range (supply voltage): BTS432E2 is generally suitable for a voltage range of 12V to 24V.

Output Current Capability: The switch is capable of high output currents, typically in the range of a few amps to tens of amps.

Low-Side Switch: The BTS432E2 is a low-side power switch, meaning it connects the load to ground. This makes it suitable for applications where the load is grounded, such as most motor control applications.

Built-in Protection Features: The switch has several built-in protection features, such as over-temperature protection, over-current protection, and overload protection, to protect the switch and load from damage.

Low On-Resistance: The BTS432E2 has a low on-resistance, which helps reduce power loss when switching on and off.

Fast Switching Speed: The fast switching speed of the device facilitates efficient current control in applications requiring fast response.

Package Type: BTS432E2 is usually packaged in TO-263, which is a surface mount package with heat dissipation capability, which helps to dissipate heat efficiently.

Temperature Range: Typically, the BTS432E2 has an operating temperature range of -40°C to +150°C, making it suitable for applications under a variety of environmental conditions.

Control interface: The switch usually uses a low-level input signal to control the output state.



Load Dump and Reverse Battery Protection
The BTS432E2 incorporates load dump and reverse battery protection, safeguarding the device and the connected components from potential damage caused by sudden voltage spikes during load disconnection or battery polarity reversal.

Clamp of Negative Voltage at Output
The device provides a negative voltage clamping mechanism at the output. This ensures that the output voltage does not drop below a safe threshold, even during transient voltage conditions, protecting the downstream components.

Short-Circuit Protection
The BTS432E2 features short-circuit protection, which detects and responds to short-circuit faults by swiftly interrupting the current flow, preventing excessive current and subsequent damage.

Current Limitation
Incorporated current limitation prevents the current from surpassing safe limits, ensuring the device operates within specified parameters and guarding against overheating and overloading.

Thermal Shutdown
The thermal shutdown feature monitors the device's temperature. If it exceeds safe levels, the device will shut down temporarily, allowing it to cool down and preventing thermal damage.

Diagnostic Feedback
Through diagnostic feedback, the BTS432E2 provides insights into its operational status. This aids in fault identification and troubleshooting, enhancing system reliability.

Open Load Detection in ON-State
The device is equipped with open load detection in the ON-state, allowing it to identify if the load is disconnected or malfunctioning during operation.

CMOS Compatible Input
The device's CMOS compatible input ensures seamless interfacing with control systems, simplifying integration and allowing for compatibility with a wide range of digital systems.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection
ESD protection shields the BTS432E2 from electrostatic discharges, which could otherwise cause damage or malfunction during handling and operation.

Loss of Ground and Loss of Vbb Protection
The device includes protection against loss of ground and loss of Vbb (battery supply voltage), ensuring that the device continues to function reliably even in scenarios where these conditions are disrupted.

Overvoltage Protection
The overvoltage protection feature guards the device and the connected system against voltage spikes or surges that exceed safe levels.

Undervoltage and Overvoltage Shutdown with Autorestart and Hysteresis
The BTS432E2 employs undervoltage and overvoltage shutdown mechanisms with autorestart and hysteresis. These features ensure that the device operates within the specified voltage range, maintaining stable performance.

Green Product (RoHS Compliant)
The BTS432E2 adheres to RoHS standards, indicating its environmental friendliness and compliance with regulations restricting the use of hazardous substances.

AEC Qualified
The device is AEC qualified, which means it meets the stringent quality and reliability standards set by the automotive industry.



The BTS432E2 is a high-performance low-side power switch typically used in applications controlling motors, lights, and other high-current loads. The following are some typical application scenarios for BTS432E2:

Motor Control: Due to its high output current capability and built-in protection functions, the BTS432E2 is ideal for DC motor control. This includes applications such as automotive wipers, power windows, seat adjustment and fans.

Automotive lighting system: BTS432E2 can be used to control the lighting system inside and outside the car, such as headlights, brake lights, indicator lights, etc. Its fast switching speed and protection features ensure the reliability and efficiency of lighting systems.

Heating and Cooling Systems: This switch can be used to control systems such as heaters, fans, and coolers. Its protection function prevents overload and overheating, thus improving the stability of the system.

Power Management: The BTS432E2 can be used in power management applications such as battery charge and discharge control. Its low on-resistance helps reduce energy loss and improve system efficiency.

Industrial Automation: In the industrial field, the BTS432E2 can be used to control various high current loads such as electric valves, pumps and motors. Its fast response and protective features make it excellent in automated systems.

Home appliance control: The switch is suitable for home appliance control, such as washing machines, ovens, microwave ovens, etc. Its protection functions ensure the safe operation of electrical appliances.

Battery Management System (BMS): BTS432E2 can be used in the battery management system to control the charging and discharging process of the battery and protect the battery and the whole system from overload and overheating.

BTS432E2 Equivalent Parts


Infineon Technologies' BTS432E is a high-performance low-side power switch commonly used in applications controlling motors, lights, and other high-current loads. The following is some general information about BTS432E:

Operating voltage range (supply voltage): BTS432E is suitable for a wide range of operating voltage, usually between 8V and 36V.

Output Current Capability: The switch is capable of handling high current loads, typically in the range of a few amps to tens of amps.

Low-Side Switch: The BTS432E is a low-side power switch, meaning it connects between the load and ground. This configuration is suitable for most applications where the load is grounded, such as motor control.

Built-in protection features: BTS432E integrates a variety of protection features, including overheat protection, overcurrent protection, and overload protection, to ensure safe operation of switches and loads.

Low on-resistance: Low on-resistance helps reduce power loss during switching on and off, improving system efficiency.

Fast Switching Speed: The BTS432E has a fast switching speed, which is important for applications that require efficient current control and fast response.

Package Type: Typically, the BTS432E comes in a surface mount package capable of dissipating heat for effective heat management.

Temperature Range: The BTS432E can operate over a wide temperature range, typically between -40°C and +150°C.

Control interface: Usually, the state of the switch is controlled by a low-level input signal.


VNQ600AP-E is a high-side dual-channel smart low-side switch from STMicroelectronics, which is usually used in automotive electronics and industrial applications. The following is some general information about VNQ600AP-E:

Number of Channels: VNQ600AP-E is a dual channel switch with two independent high side channels to control two loads respectively.

Operating voltage range (supply voltage): The switch is suitable for a wide operating voltage range, typically between 4.5V and 36V, making it suitable for a variety of scenarios such as automotive electronics and industrial applications.

Output current capability: VNQ600AP-E has high output current capability and is suitable for controlling high current loads, such as motors, lights and solenoid valves.

High-Side Switch: The VNQ600AP-E is a high-side switch, meaning it connects the load with the power supply. This configuration may be more suitable in some applications, such as when the power supply needs to be disconnected.

Built-in protection features: The switch integrates multiple protection functions, including overheat protection, overcurrent protection, and overload protection, to protect the switch and load.

Diagnosis function: VNQ600AP-E also has fault detection and diagnosis function, which can monitor switch state and load condition.

Low On-Resistance: Low on-resistance helps reduce power loss and improve system efficiency.

Package Type: The device is typically packaged in a thermally capable multi-lead surface mount package for efficient heat management.

Temperature Range: VNQ600AP-E can work in a wide temperature range, usually between -40°C to +150°C.

Control interface: The state of the switch is usually controlled by a logic signal, such as an enable or disable signal.


TLE7259-3GE is a high-speed LIN (Local Interconnect Network) transceiver launched by Infineon Technologies, Germany, for communication in automotive electronic systems. Here is some general information about the TLE7259-3GE:

LIN communication: TLE7259-3GE is a transceiver specially designed for LIN network. LIN is a serial communication protocol used for communication in automotive electronic systems and is commonly used to connect various control units and sensors inside a vehicle.

Supported Rates: The transceiver supports high-speed LIN communications, typically operating at rates up to 20 kbps. This rate is suitable for control and information transfer in many automotive electronic systems.

Low power consumption: TLE7259-3GE adopts low power consumption design, which helps to reduce the energy consumption of the overall system, and is suitable for applications requiring energy efficiency in automotive electronics.

EMC Immunity: The transceiver has good Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) characteristics, which help to resist electromagnetic interference and noise in the automotive environment.

Protection features: TLE7259-3GE integrates various protection features, including short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, and electrostatic protection, to improve system stability and reliability.

Operating temperature range: In general, the TLE7259-3GE can operate over a wide temperature range, making it suitable for applications in various temperature conditions in automotive environments.

Package Type: The device is usually packaged in a multi-pin surface mount package for easy integration on a circuit board.



Parameter Value Parameter Value
Product Name BTS432E2 Product Type High-Side Power Switch
Manufacturer Infineon Technologies Supply Voltage Range 5.5V to 34V
Continuous Current 0.25A Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +150°C
Package / Case TO-220-5


Shipping Type Ship Fee Lead Time
DHL DHL $20.00-$40.00 (0.50 KG) 2-5 days
Fedex Fedex $20.00-$40.00 (0.50 KG) 2-5 days
UPS UPS $20.00-$40.00 (0.50 KG) 2-5 days
TNT TNT $20.00-$40.00 (0.50 KG) 2-5 days
EMS EMS $20.00-$40.00 (0.50 KG) 2-5 days
REGISTERED AIR MAIL REGISTERED AIR MAIL $20.00-$40.00 (0.50 KG) 2-5 days

Processing Time:Shipping fee depend on different zone and country.


Terms of payment Hand Fee
Wire Transfer Wire Transfer charge US$30.00 banking fee.
Paypal Paypal charge 4.0% service fee.
Credit Card Credit Card charge 3.5% service fee.
Western Union Western Union charge US$0.00 banking fee.
Money Gram Money Gram charge US$0.00 banking fee.


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Equivalent Parts

For the BTS432E2 component, you may consider these replacement and alternative parts:

Part Number




Part Number:  TLE9201SG




Part Number:  BTS432E


Package:  TO-220

Description:   Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes

Part Number:  BTS432E2E3062A


Package:  TO-263

Description:   Smart Highside Power Switch

Part Number:  BTS432E2E3062ATMA1




Part Number:  BTS432E2E3062XTMA1






Infineon Technologies Corporation



Infineon Technologies Corporation



Infineon Technologies Corporation



Infineon Technologies Corporation



Infineon Technologies Corporation



Infineon Technologies Corporation



Infineon Technologies Corporation



Infineon Technologies Corporation

Datasheet PDF

Preliminary Specification BTS432E2 PDF Download

Key points

  • The BTS432E2 chip is a high-side power switch designed for automotive applications. it can control the current flow to loads in a robust and efficient manner. with its integrated protection features, such as overtemperature and overcurrent protection, it ensures safe operation. the chip is compact and supports various load requirements, making it suitable for a wide range of automotive applications.
  • Equivalent

    The equivalent products of the BTS432E2 chip are the bts432e and BTS432E2e chips.
  • Features

    The BTS432E2 is a power switch designed for controlling 12v electronic loads in automotive environments. it has a low on-resistance, enabling high-current capabilities, and provides over-temperature and over-current protection. the switch is also able to handle reverse voltages, making it suitable for various applications in automotive electronics.
  • Pinout

    The BTS432E2 is a smart high-side power switch with four pins. the pins' functions are as follows: pin 1 is the supply voltage (vs), pin 2 is the control pin (in), pin 3 is the power output (out), and pin 4 is the ground reference (gnd).
  • Manufacturer

    The manufacturer of the BTS432E2 is infineon technologies. it is a german multinational semiconductor and system solutions company.
  • Application Field

    The BTS432E2 is a high-side power switch used in automotive applications. it is designed to control and protect resistive, inductive, and capacitive loads. its main application areas include electrical power distribution, lighting control, motor control, and various automotive systems like hvac, power windows, and seat control.
  • Package

    The package type of the BTS432E2 chip is to-263-7 (d²pak). the form of the chip is surface mount. the size of the chip is typically 8.75mm x 10.55mm x 4.6mm.

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