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MT40A512M16TB-062E Datasheet, Features, Pinout, and Applications

Update Time: Jun 20, 2024      Readership: 167

MT40A512M16TB-062E Datasheet, Features, Pinout, and Applications

Overview of the MT40A512M16TB-062E

The MT40A512M16TB-062E is part of Micron's DDR4 SDRAM product family, which offers improvements in speed, power efficiency, and reliability over previous DDR generations. It is designed to meet the demands of high-performance computing, servers, and other memory-intensive applications.

Specifications and Features

MT40A512M16TB-062E Specifications

  • Memory Density: 512 Meg x 16
  • Data Rate: 2400 MT/s
  • Operating Voltage: 1.2V
  • Package: 96-ball FBGA
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to 95°C

MT40A512M16TB-062E Features

  • High Speed: Supports data rates up to 2400 MT/s.
  • Low Power Consumption: Operates at 1.2V, reducing overall system power requirements.
  • High Reliability: Error correction features and robust design ensure data integrity.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Suitable for various operating environments.
  • Compact Package: 96-ball FBGA package facilitates high-density designs.

MT40A512M16TB-062E Pinout

Pin Name Description Function
VDD Power Supply Powers the memory module
VSS Ground Ground reference for the module
DQ[0:15] Data I/O Bi-directional data bus
A[0:15] Address Lines Address input for memory cells
BA[0:2] Bank Address Selects the memory bank
RAS# Row Address Strobe Row address selection signal
CAS# Column Address Strobe Column address selection signal
WE# Write Enable Write operation control
DM[0:1] Data Mask Masks data during writes
CK[0:1] Clock Input Clock input for the module
CKE[0:1] Clock Enable Enables or disables the clock signal
ODT[0:1] On-Die Termination Controls the on-die termination
CS# Chip Select Enables or disables the module
RESET# Reset Resets the module
VREFCA Reference Voltage for CA Reference voltage for command/address signals
VREFDQ Reference Voltage for DQ Reference voltage for data signals
ZQ Calibration Impedance calibration input

MT40A512M16TB-062E Applications

High-Performance Computing

The MT40A512M16TB-062E is ideal for high-performance computing applications, where it provides the speed and reliability needed for data-intensive tasks.


In server environments, the MT40A512M16TB-062E offers the high density and reliability required for efficient data processing and storage.

Consumer Electronics

This memory module can be used in high-end consumer electronics, such as gaming systems and smart TVs, where high-speed memory is essential for optimal performance.

Networking Equipment

In networking equipment, the MT40A512M16TB-062E ensures fast and reliable data transfer, crucial for maintaining high network performance.

Industrial Automation

The robust design and wide operating temperature range make the MT40A512M16TB-062E suitable for industrial automation applications, where reliable memory is critical for system stability.

MT40A512M16TB-062E Package

The MT40A512M16TB-062E is available in a 96-ball FBGA package, which is suitable for surface-mount technology (SMT) applications. This package allows for high-density integration and efficient use of PCB space.

MT40A512M16TB-062E Manufacturer

The MT40A512M16TB-062E is manufactured by Micron Technology, a leading provider of memory and storage solutions known for their high quality and reliability. Micron offers comprehensive support and documentation for the MT40A512M16TB-062E, ensuring ease of use and integration into electronic designs.

MT40A512M16TB-062E Datasheet

Download MT40A512M16TB-062E datasheet.


The MT40A512M16TB-062E is a versatile and efficient DDR4 memory module that serves a wide range of applications, from high-performance computing to industrial automation. Its ease of use, combined with low power consumption and reliable performance, makes it a valuable component in electronic designs. Micron's commitment to quality ensures the MT40A512M16TB-062E provides consistent and dependable results in various environments.

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